The ECC offers workshops addressing current and future topics in control systems from experts from academia, research institutes, and industry.

  • All workshops will be held on July 14, 2015
  • Refer to the Technical Program for a detailed schedule of the workshops
  • Workshop registration is only possible until June 12, 2015, for further information see Registration Information Site
  • Non-conference attendees who want to participate in Workshops need to fill the Workshop-only Registration Form and follow the instructions therein.

Workshop 1:  Interval Methods for Reliable Modeling, Identification and Control of Dynamic
09:00 - 18:00

Organizers: Andreas Rauh, Luise Senkel, Ekaterina Auer
Abstract: A large variety of real-life dynamic systems in engineering, biology, biomechanics, and medicine are significantly influenced by uncertainty. In the field of uncertainty quantification, two main sources are discerned: aleatoric (due to randomness) and…more

Workshop 2:  Real-Time Optimization Based Autonomous Control  14:00 - 18:00

Organizers: Behçet Açikmesşe, Eric Feron, Alexander Domahidi, John Hauser
Abstract: Optimization algorithms, when they are used in a real-time and safety-critical context, offer the potential for considerably advancing robotic and autonomous systems by improving their ability to initiate, plan, and execute complex missions. To meet …more

This workshop has been cancelled due to low enrolment
Workshop 3:  X2C: Open Source Tool for the Model-Based Development and Code
Generation of Real-Time Control Algorithms 

Organizer: Stefan Fragner
Abstract: X2C is a free and open source tool for the model-based development and code generation of real-time control algorithms for micro processor units. X2C uses the open source environment Scilab/Xcos for building the graphical control model. With Scilab/Xcos, …more

This workshop has been cancelled due to low enrolment
Workshop 4:  HOTINT: Open Source Software for the Simulation of Mechatronic Systems  cancelled

Organizers: Alexander Humer, Daniel Reischl
Abstract: HOTINT is a multi-purpose simulation software for both research and industrial applications with a focus on the mechanical modeling and analysis of multibody systems. Its core features aim at an equally detailed and efficient representation of …more

Workshop 5:  Operator theoretical methods for dynamical systems control and optimization  09:00 - 18:00

Organizers: Didier Henrion, Milan Korda, Alexandre Mauroy, Igor Mezić
Abstract: Nonconvex control and optimization problems for nonlinear dynamical systems can be approached with numerical methods inspired by operator theory. The workshop is an opportunity to present for the first time in a unified way two major operator theoretical …more

This workshop has been cancelled due to low enrolment
Workshop 6:  Multi-loop Controller Design for Quadrotors Based on Multi-rate Sampled-data
Models and Krasovskii Functionals 

Organizers: Luis Rodrigues, Miad Moarref
Abstract: This half-day workshop is motivated by current demands in networked control applications with multiple asynchronous sensors that operate at different non-uniform frequencies. A few applications include flight control systems, chemical plants, and smart …more

Last minute cancellation due to health reasons of the workshop organizer
Workshop 7:  The Beauty of Simple Adaptive Control and Old and New results in Stability
Analysis of Nonlinear Systems 

Organizer: Itzhak Barkana
Abstract: Simple Adaptive Control (SAC) techniques have initially been conceived because of the need for adaptive control methods in large-scale systems, where the use of models and controllers of the order of the plant was naturally excluded. While …more